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Before Smart Local Plus: using four to six apps to respond to customers, hard to keep organized, always forgetting to reply, stressed at the end of the day. After Smart Local Plus: all communications in one place, automations make things easy, feeling relaxed and happy.

All-In-One Message Inbox

All Messages Straight to Your Inbox

  • Google My Business Chat Messages
  • Website Chat > Text and Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram Direct Messages

communicate with your leads via:

  • 2 Way Text
  • Email Replies
  • Phone Calls

Automation and Tools

  • Google and Facebook Reputation Management
  • GMB Automatic Missed Call Text Back
  • GMB Call Tracking
  • Text to Pay

Review and Reputation Management

Manage your online reviews and customer feedback all in one place to drive sales up for your business.

  • Automated and Manual Review Requests
  • Request Reviews via SMS or Email
  • Monitor, Listen and Respond to Reviews

Smart Local Plus puts the power in your hands to automate, monitor and respond to your reviews. If you are not currently doing this you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to boost your rankings and customer leads.

53% of Consumers expect businesses to respond to reviews - both positive and negative

Google and Facebook Reviews iphone
Google Chat and Messaging

GMB Chat

Many Customers Prefer to chat, text or message a business instead of calling!

Google has just recently added chat to your Google My Business listings but you need to activate it. Why is this important? Google is using this new messaging as a ranking factor. You need to respond in a timely manner or it could negatively affect your rankings. Google is currently sending out surveys like the one below. This feature is being rolled out initially for mobile devices but will be available soon on desktop.

Google Survey for GMB Messages

Missed Call Text Back

This one feature alone has saved businesses a lot of money in missed calls and leads!

Connected to your Google My Business listing if a customer calls you and their get either a busy signal or you do not answer they will get a follow up text saying "Sorry we missed your call - how can we help?"

Listen you know how it is, if you don't answer the phone or they can't get through customers will just call the next business on the list. But if they receive a text from you this tells them you care and want their business.

Most business owners don't have a clue about how many calls they missed especially if the line is busy because you just don't have a way to know this.

Smart Local Plus automates this process and helps you save and capture missed calls and those customers that you might have lost otherwise!

Missed Call Text Back Graphic
Text to Pay graphic

Text or Email To Pay

Easily Generate an Invoice in the office or in the field

You can easily generate an invoice from anywhere. If you are in the field working with a customer and they want you to do additional work and you give them a price and they agree.

You can quickly send them an invoice either by text and or email and they can pay you online right away. No need to call the office or return to the office to request the payment.

It doesn't get more convenient than that!

Full invoicing is coming soon.

Web Chat

turn your website into a lead generating machine

Our web chat widget is easy to customize and all you need to do is add the code to the footer of your website to get started.

The color can be customized to match your brand colors and you can change the avatar image to one that you feel represents your business.

You can also easily customize the text and confirmation message too. Plus you can choose to add email to the form if you wish to also get their email.

All website chats are text replies but as mentioned can also be email. And just like all other communications everything comes into the main "conversations" tab.

Website chat is one of the fastest ways to start generating new leads!


Facebook and Instagram Messages

Capture and reply to all Facebook and Instagram messages right in your inbox!

If someone sends you a message from Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages now those messages will come directly to your inbox.

You don't have to check Facebook or Instagram in order to check your messages as you can now reply directly from the conversations tab.

Many customers will be reaching out to you via your social profiles so don't miss a message or reply days later!

This is a huge time saver and helps you to continue the conversation with your customer leads.

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate Smart Local Plus With Tools You Already Love

With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!

Take control of your business communications and step it up to capture and connect with more leads today. In addition adding automations to help you streamline it. Adding nurturing campaigns to reach out and touch your leads for more conversions. Request Google and Facebook reviews and manage those reviews from one CRM. Reactivate your database for immediate returns. Find out more by scheduling a demo today!


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